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  • Alterna-Milk: Soy Milk


    Do you love soymilk? Chances are it might be your favourite drink. Sweet, delicious and packed chock full of benefits, soymilk has been a popular drink for a long time now. However, have you thought of using soymilk as an alternative to cow milk to feed your baby? Read on to find out the health […]

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  • Flooring, the foundation of your home.

      The choice of which flooring to choose from is a very difficult task to do and hopefully a decision you won’t regret on the long term. Choosing the wrong flooring and realising that the flooring doesn’t fit with the furniture you have would be frustrating. There are so many different types of floors that […]

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  • Cow Milk Alternatives – Are There Any?


    Of course there are alternatives to cow milk. Cow milk allergy is the most common food allergy among infants – affecting up to 3-7% of the infant population. On top of that a handful of babies are lactose intolerant – making any sort of mammalian milk (breast milk included) a no-go.   Some other reasons […]

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  • 5 Things to Consider when Relocating

    car towing

    Moving to another city, state or even to another country can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking. It usually includes packing all your belongings, hiring professional movers, ordering a tilt tray service for your car and eventually unpacking everything again. But before you look into long distance car towing and plan a tilt tray truck […]

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  • Healthy Drinks For Children


    Today’s supermarkets and grocery stores are packed with hundreds of different drinks for children. Unfortunately most of these drinks are unhealthy and full of sugar. A glass of coke contains about 13 teaspoons of sugar, which is more than the recommended intake in a whole day! A lot of companies also try to sell these […]

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  • Supplements for Children

    complete nutrition drink

    If you would believe all the ads nowadays, children need a daily dose of extra vitamins to suffice according to the recommended daily allowance. This raises the question if this is really necessary? In general this isn’t really true since kids should get all their vitamins from a healthy and balanced diet. Unfortunately if we […]