Mud Therapy – Should you immerse yourself in mud?

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Who would have one day thought that you would express gratitude towards Mother Nature for dirt. However, you might alter your opinion once you try the very therapeutic mud bath.

There are various reasons as to why mud bath are done. Not only it is a mean to relax but it offers a variety of other benefits; remedial or beauty-wise. A sought-out treatment, many beauty spas use mud as an ingredient for its beneficial results. Keep on reading to know more.

Mud Bath


Mud is commonly used for its benefit on the skin. It contains natural occurring chemicals that enhance the skin’s ability to regenerate, leading to a smoother look. When the mud dries, the skin is stretched which aids in getting rid of wrinkles. It, also, has an exfoliating agent that is good for toning.


As a beauty aid, the cleansing effect can reduce or prevent the appearance of acne. In turn, you will have a radiant, blemish-free skin.

Reduce Pain

Mud baths have been found to soothe pain. People are also using it to treat problems such as arthritis, muscle fatigue, painful joint diseases and many more.

Skin Remedy

Mud can be used for certain skin problems such as eczema. With its soothing and calming effect, itchiness can be reduced. It is also great for healing wounds, scars or inflammation.

If the above were not enough for you, here are some more reasons why you should try a mud bath!
1. For a little while, you can escape your busy life. spa-mud-1803709
2. Complete relaxation.
3. By immersing in a hot mud bath, you can de-stress yourself.
4. It has a healing element.
5. Circulation can be improved from the emanating heat.
6. Detox agent – Mud expulses and removes toxins from the body.
7. It helps to balances the pH Levels of the body.
8. Lastly, it is an adventurous step!


The mud allow you to leave the spa with a totally rejuvenated mind and body. If you are on a budget, you can find beauty spa promotions at amazing prices. Go ahead and try it!



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Five Health Benefits of going to Spas

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‘Escaping’, particularly in the urban situations like Kuala Lumpur, is turning into a growing phenomenon.

Living in a constant rush can compel us to escape or retreat from this life temporarily. Every now and then, even if it is just for a short period of time, we need to regenerate and to be able to start afresh again.

A day spa can indulge you in much required “personal” time. A place where it is possible to cut off the outside world and concentrate on your own well-being. Further than the physical aspect but on a psychological level that goes beyond feeling good. The spa is an enjoyable way of improving your health. Read on to discover the five health benefits of going to a day spa resort.



Five health benefits of going to the spa:-

1) Reduce Stress

Stress can be associated to various mental and physical issues. Permitting yourself the chance to unwind is critical to keeping stress levels down. A few studies have demonstrated that a spa day can help decrease cortisol, the stress hormone. The benefit includes optimal blood pressure amongst others.

Another aspect of the spa that alleviates stress is its calming environment. The products used are usually scented with the intention of producing a soothing effect, for instance, lavender, vanilla, etc acting as a stress reliever.


2) Immunity Booster.

With the reduction of stress hormones, the body can enhance the killer cells that are vital for the immune system. It is strengthened, increasing the ability to better defend the body against invaders. At the same time, metabolic wastes as well toxins are drawn out.  


3) Better Skin

Skin causing problems arise due to several reasons, varying from the effects of the environment, stress, etc…. Going to the spa helps improve the skin with a smooth, glowing finish. It, also, gets rid of all the wastes and dirt accumulated on our skin, promotes cellular renovation, and refines pores.


4) Pain reliever

Whether you’ve got muscular pain, chronic pain, headaches, it can be significantly reduced and relieved. The relief experienced is the loosening of muscles tensions. This can be achieved through deep tissue massage from the therapists, relaxing every part of the body or the targeted problem area. Another way is through heat from sauna, Hammam, Jacuzzi, and etc which helps soothe aches away.


 5) Better Sleep

A body and mind that are free from tension and stress will be able to better fall asleep at night. A day spa can aid in achieving deeper sleep, living a more relaxed life. It important to take care of your health both mentally and physically and simply feeling better about oneself!



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